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Sauna Suit
New! Slender Results Sauna Suit Sauna suits work by using your bodies own heat during your workout to increase your body temperature which in turn...
Belly Buster Spa Clay Kit
Belly Buster Spa Clay Kit! Amazing Inch Loss Mineral reduces inches, detoxifies, tones and tightens. Lose those stubborn inches and reduce your...
Spa Chocolate Body Clay
Indulge your Skin in the luxury of chocolate! The chocolate body clay is a chocolate lover’s dream! Clay color may appear lighter or...

Spa Clay Body Wrap Formula
This Sea Clay type formula, Pulls, Tightens Up, Smooth Contours. Reduces the appearance of Cellulite. Removes toxins and impurities. Inch...
Ultimate Results Body Wrap Kit
Body Wrap Ultimate "Results" Kit Start now with a series of wraps for maximum results! This Ultimate Kit provides you with 10-15 full body...