Spa Mud (seaweed) Body Wrap Home Starter Kit


Enhanced with 3 types of seaweeds for reducing cellulite and toning skin! Achieve a slimmer, trimmer body!

Spa Mud helps you achieve the Maximum Inch Loss, pulls, tightens, firms and tones loose hanging skin and helps reduce cellulite. Virtually and women, young and old wishing to lose inches - or just tone up and tighten a certain area, will benefit from this Body Wrap kit.

Spa Mud Body Wrap Formula
Infused with 3 types of seaweeds and sea algae to tighten, reduce cellulite and wrinkles, remove dead skin, toxins, and adipose fat tissue leaving your skin with a smoother, softer appearance. Apply directly to skin before wrapping.

Slenderizing Anti-Cellulite Gel
apply daily and after a body wrap to smooth skin and fight cellulite.

Body Brush for brushing and stimulating the skin prior to the body wrap to open the pores for better absorption of the body wrap formulas.

Thermal Body Blanket to stay warm in the body wrap.

Complete instructions to help you achieve maximum results.

Designed to give you up to 8 full body wraps using plastic or saran wrap for ease of wrapping!

Lose 5-15 inches in one wrap!

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