Belly Buster Kit with Dry Mineral


Belly Buster Kit!

Amazing Inch Loss Mineral reduces inches, detoxifies, tones and tightens.

Lose those stubborn inches and reduce your waistline FAST!

Salon quality product

Now you can get the same results from home

Includes 2 jars Advanced European Dry Mineral Body Wrap Formula, Anti-Cellulite Slenderizing Gel, 3 Bandage Wraps, Tape Measure and Complete Instructions. This kit gives you 4 Belly Wraps, upgrade to 1 quart Mineral for a series of 8 belly wrap treatments. 


Note: This European Dry Mineral Body Wrap Formula is similar to our Sea Clay Inch Loss formula but in a dry mineral format. The mineral is preferred most often in salons and spas around the world. Easy to use and less messy than the clays or mud.

Look how easy it is!

Pour 1/2 cup mineral into a bowl or pot.

Add 4-6 cups boiling water and mix.

Soak the wraps in this solution until water cools to a temperature that is tolerable to the touch

Wring out each wrap then wrap the waist area starting at the lowest area farthest from the heart and wrapping upward.

Leave on for 1 hour. Cover up with a sauna suit, sweat suit, blanket, plastic wrap or anything that will help keep the area warm. You can also perform light physical activities such as walking or low impact aerobics while in the wraps.

Remove the wraps after 1 hour. Wipe off any excess residue with a warm moist cloth.

Apply the Anti-Cellulite Gel.

Note: the average inch loss in the waist area ranges from 1 - 3 inches. Additional wraps may be necessary until desired results are achieved. Wraps can be performed every 48 hours. The anti-cellulite gel will help increase the inch loss effects. Continue to use the gel daily after shower.

Kit includes enough product for 4 belly wraps.

SlenderResults Body Wrap Formulas are manufactured with the highest quality ingredients to give you the best inch loss results and reduce cellulite and smooth and tone your skin.

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